Donald Trump Russia Revelations

In the last week new information has surfaced of a 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer. Since the initial story was released it has been reported that a Russian-American lobbyist (who was once a Soviet counter-intelligence officer) also attended the meeting. They claimed to be representatives of the Russian government in email communications, and they offered information on Hillary Clinton to aid Donald Trump Sr’s efforts to become president in the lead up to the 2016 election.  The slow release of information and ever changing versions of events is alarming to say the least. A video has also surfaced showing Donald Trump Sr meeting with the Russians linked to the email scandal:


CNN Report on the video that shows Trump is linked to the Don Jr email scandal


A presidency marred by the Russian scandal and an ongoing healthcare crisis, Donald Trump’s approval rating is the worst in 70 years for a President 6 months into office. He has also refused to make his state visit to the UK because of his unpopularity with the British public. Allegedly refusing to make the journey until Theresa May ‘fixes warm UK welcome.’

It’s too easy to write the Russia allegations off as ‘fake news’ or some kind of left-wing smear campaign. At this point in time the evidence is overwhelming. However, this hasn’t prevented President Trump crying wolf relentlessly:


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.18.16

Trump weighs in on the allegations with his biting wit and unquestionable intellect…


FILE PHOTO: Donald Trump Jr. gives a thumbs up beside his father Donald Trump after presidential debate in Hempstead, New YorkTwo weeks before the allegations surfaced the Trump re-election campaign paid $50,000 to the law firm representing Donald trump Jr. This was paid several days after Jared Kushner amended his security clearance information to include his attendance at the meeting in question. This payment occurred only one day after CNN asked a White house spokesperson about the 2016 meeting. This truly is a modern day Watergate, with new evidence emerging on a daily basis and a web of lies and contradictions that cannot be ignored. It’s hardly surprising, Donald Trump has a history of lying compulsively. And his grasp of modern history and reality seems tenuous at the best of times. His claim that ‘This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history,’ is beyond ridiculous. Obviously he hasn’t read up on the lives of Martin Luther King, Senator Joseph McCarthy or Muhammad Ali. He also must have forgotten about his racially motivated birther witch hunt that was directed at former President Barack Obama. One thing that all these allegations will not amount to is a witch hunt.

Russian controversy always threatened to loom over Donald Trumps presidency. As far back as 2013 President Trump had claimed to have a relationship with Vladimir Putin, and then contradicted these claims after the fact:


Trump contradictions over relationship with Putin


An American leading law expert said recently that Donald Trump’s resignation would be the most likely outcome of Don Jr and Jared Kushner’s meeting with the Russians in question. If they were to be prosecuted for collusion stepping down as President would be the easiest way out for Trump. He could go for the route of a presidential pardon, but this would also set him up for impeachment. It would seem like the more unlikely choice, but if his history of dishonesty and deception is anything to go by then it is certainly in the realm of possibilities.

“Donald trump has lied as no president in my lifetime has, day in and day out.”

Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein 


I’m sure there will be many more weeks and months of deliberations and new evidence coming to the surface. The constant questions about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia will only grow as we learn more about this shameful presidency. In the words of Donald Trump:


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 17.40.21

No Mr President, the only person guilty of distorting democracy in America is you.



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