May Mistakes Euratom For Transformer Threat

In January, Theresa May made it clear that she planned to bring the U.K out of the European Atomic Energy Community. Describing it as “The biggest threat to the Autobots she had encountered since Brexit.”

No one claims to have known what she’d meant at the time. Boris Johnson Put it down to, “the pressures of running ‘Cybertron'”, known to the rest of us as the U.K.

What everyone mistook for Boris’ tomfoolery turned out to be something May had said earlier in the day, in response to a question regarding the European Union.

This comes on the back of the Dementia tax U-Turn during the snap election. When Theresa claimed “nothing had changed”, prompting an inquiry into whether or not Mrs May had dementia herself. Later that day Jeremy Hunt released plans to privatise the use of the word dementia. Stating;

“Dementia puts a huge strain on the NHS, so I think it’s right that people have to pay a premium everytime they use the word.”


Jeremy Hunt bragging about the size of his penis

It has been reported that Mrs May had a conversation with her cabinet members prior to releasing her statement on Euratom. An eye witness of the meeting had this to say;

“During the meeting she attempted to shape shift into a handbag… three times, she’s lost it. She thinks she’s a transformer. I got out of there when Boris tried to distract everyone by pretending he wasn’t a twat. It was ridiculous. ”

One witness who got stuck in a lift with May six days ago came forward to say this;

“For two hours we were stuck in that lift.. And for two hours she insisted that I refer to her as Optimus Prime May, she told me to tell everyone it’s what she’s called now…”

Obviously there are some serious concerns surrounding May’s leadership, posing the question of whether or not she’s contracted the rare and decision impairing illness known as Trumpitis, via osmosis. Or if she truly is as idiotic as her choices suggest.



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