Jeremy Corbyn, PM In Waiting [VIDEO]

Leading up to the election in 2017, the Labour Party were thought to be in disarray, due to the apparent lack of support for their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Written off by the establishment and smeared by the right-wing media, Labour still managed to achieve some impressive electoral gains. Whereas, the Conservatives fell short of an overall majority in an election forecast to be a landslide.


We all know that the youth turnout was remarkably high, the highest since 1992 in fact. Under 45’s voted overwhelmingly in support of Labour.

A voice in politics that the many (evidently a vast portion of the young) have been crying out for seems to have finally come to the front. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Corbyn, It’s undeniable that he has invigorated the countries interest in politics. A positive step in the right direction for our democracy.


Excerpts of Jeremy Corbyn laying down the truth



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