Grenfell Death Toll Potentially In The Hundreds

Scotland Yard have estimated that around 350 people lived in Grenfell tower on the night of the fire, with around 255 people escaping. The figure of 350 people would be an average of around 3 people per flat. However, this doesn’t take into account that there could have been people visiting friends and relatives. Especially as it was the Islamic festival of Ramadan and there were whole families gathered in some of the flats on the night. There is also the possibility of people who were living with loved ones who were not registered tenants.

Labour MP Diane Abbot last week said hundreds had died in the fire of Grenfell at a conference of the Labour Progress group:

“Grenfell Tower is not just an accident; Grenfell Tower is not just an unfortunate incident. Those hundreds of people that died are a direct consequence of Tory attitudes in social housing,”

Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy has been a prominent voice in the speculation surrounding the number of fatalities. From the immediate aftermath he has helped give the people of the community a voice, allowing their concerns to be given a platform in the mainstream media.

David Lammy on BBC Newsnight

The Police have reported 80 deaths so far in the Grenfell tower atrocity. They have also said it is not likely to rise significantly higher. This is considerably less than estimations made by others. Off the record reports from police officers and fire fighters on the scene have suggested numbers up to as many as 150.

Channel 4’s Jon Snow interviews Lilly Allen the day after Grenfell fire

It seems remarkable in this day and age with all the technology and digital records at our disposal, that the police and governing authorities cannot give a clearer indication a month after the event. Surely this is the least they could do for the victims families and the survivors of this terrible tragedy. Instead, we have a slow trickle of information that has been construed by some to be a control measure against public outrage.



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